Something magical breaks through the grey everyday life. Although the spot is only 15 seconds long, it tells a whole story. Namely, the birth of a new cult. We show how the first sceptics become true followers.
WUNDERBAR followers to whom the "guru" announces the good news. Together with our director Facundo, the agency [m]STUDIO and Wavemaker GmbH, we set up this bizarre story from pre- to post-production.

Have you seen the Wunderbar commercial? The one with the guru? That's exactly the reaction we want to provoke. The spot should live on in the viewer's mind even after the 15 seconds are over. We achieve this by asking questions and asking the viewers to be active - instead of giving answers. Are they serious? How am I supposed to understand that? Facundo Scalerandi, director


Mondelez International


Facundo Scalerandi


[m]STUDIO and Wavemaker GmbH

Production & Post Production

salt & pictures GmbH

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