Politicians have written ambitious climate targets into the coalition agreement that will also be relevant for the heating industry.
Among other things, the requirements for the use of renewable energies will increase significantly and are to become mandatory as early as 2024.
This will be a big topic in the industry this spring. Because 2024 is not far off.
In order to make the trade partners aware of the climate targets, their contribution and the Vaillant solutions in a playful way (infotainment), there will be various challenges at trade fairs and a roadshow.

The idea of bringing these two very distant visual worlds together in one spot is simply powerful. We have the specialist partner who climbs into his van every day to do his work and the Hollywood world of a save-the-earth space mission - along with its hero.
The magic that makes the film is the two parallel worlds, the everyday life of a craftsman and outer space.


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