Die salt & pictures GmbH ist eine kreative Filmproduktionsfirma aus Düsseldorf. Aus Liebe produzieren wir zeitgenössische Werbespots, Fotografie, Animationen, Dokumentationen, Eventfilme und mehr. Für Videoproduktionen jeder Art verfügen wir intern über ein leidenschaftliches, verantwortungsvolles und talentiertes Team und darüber hinaus über unser breites, qualitätsbewusstes Netzwerk, das in allen Aspekten der audiovisuellen Kommunikation tätig ist.


First Steps First: We get to know our clients, understand the product, dive into the mindset of the target group and understand the core of a message. In close cooperation, our work starts right here and we develop the right contemporary concepts for each individual advertising film production. From professional GIFs to 10-second social commercials to cinema films as branded content. Your company, your brand and your product are the focus and become the film. The entire preparation of the video production from casting to location scouting to detailed planning of the shooting days is handled by our dedicated team of experienced advertising film producers.


The responsibility for the image and plot of the film productions lies in our hands. And that's where it lies safely. We make sure we have the right professionals from our broad network, who are among the best in their field, and set up professional commercial film productions of various sizes. This turns your project and the associated message into high-quality moving images on set.


The editing of the commercial as well as the right music, sound and last but not least the appropriate color correction make up a large part of the later effect of the product. In post-production, we give the material its final shape. We accompany the post-production process completely - with several acceptance stages and in close cooperation with our customers. Here, too, we draw on our diverse network of talented colorists, sound designers and VFX experts.